Module 3 Social Entrepreneurship

Business Creation Course

Create your impact startup

4. June 2024

Do you want to start and lead a startup with positive social and/or environmental impact?

In the course “Business Creation for Social Entrepreneurs” experienced startup coaches support you in building your social business. You receive concrete answers to your project- and company-specific questions, specify your plans and consolidate your entrepreneurial knowledge.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Business modeling for a social business (designing a business that creates value)
  • Creating stakeholder value (designing value propositions for customers and beneficiaries)
  • Product development (using the build, measure, learn process)
  • Impact assessment & measurement (defining your impact and doing a first measurement)
  • Market structure & business strategy (understanding the market and defining your role)
  • Go-to-market strategy (creating a roadmap for market entry and growth)
  • Financial forecasting (forecasting your financial growth and funding needs)
  • Raising funding (developing a practical fundraising strategy and identifying funding sources)
  • Pitching skills (learning how to give a persuasive pitch to different stakeholders)
  • Founding and legal (Comparing different legal structures and intellectual property strategies)
  • Team development (Building a strong team, resolving conflicts and managing yourselves)
  • Pitching to an expert jury

Who can participate?

Motivated and ambitious members of a Swiss university or university of applied sciences, i.e. students, doctoral students, postdocs, professors.

Founders and heads of a recently founded social businesses with a positive social and/or ecological impact.

A maximum of 15 participants per course will be admitted.

When and where does the course take place?

The Business Creation course is an intensive course, spread over several weeks. Details of the course program can be found in the individual course starts.


The Business Creation course is offered in English only.

How can I register for the course?

You can register for a Business Creation course on our website at any time.

If you have any questions about the course offer, please contact us:



About the Business Creation course
Tution Days
Day 1 04.06.2024
Day 2 07.06.2024
Day 3 11.06.2024
Day 4 14.06.2024
Day 5 18.06.2024
Day 8 21.06.2024
Day 7 25.06.2024
Day 8 28.06.2024
Day 9 02.07.2024
Day 10 05.07.2024
Day 11 09.07.2024
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