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Dive into STARTUP CAMPUS – your go-to hub in the startup ecosystem! Whether you’re sketching out your first big idea, looking for mentorship, or ready to lock in some venture capital action, we’ve got you. From our signature Innosuisse Startup Trainings and coaching sessions to vibrant coworking spaces and startup incubators. Not sure where to start? Get inspired at our startup events and learn more at our startup conferences.

Our driving force? Our powerful consortium of leading universities, colleges, and innovation hubs in Switzerland, who are the backbone of our dynamic ecosystem. Join the movement!

Our Initiatives

Startup Accelerator

Micro learning platform for startups and founders. Dive deep into a curated collection of exclusive training videos, comprehensive templates, and a plethora of resources designed to boost your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re in the ideation phase or scaling, our platform equips you with the right tools for every stage. Learn, grow, and thrive with Startup Accelerator!

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Runway Incubator

Our Runway Incubator is supporting startups in the pre-seed and seed phases with tailored coaching and mentoring. Dive into a vibrant co-working space at Technopark Winterthur and join community events to amplify your network and growth potential.

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Founders Hive

Founders Hive promotes entrepreneurship through a community-driven approach. The community of successful founders, industry experts, and investors is central to Founders Hive’s mission, providing guidance and support to early-stage companies preparing for pre-seed and seed investments and funding through it own syndicate.

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Female Founders Initiative

Let‘s increase the number of female (co-)founders and alter the narrative about women entrepreneurs in Switzerland. The Female Founders Initiative supports you with events like Co-Working mornings and the RiseUp Summit, the Female Founders Map and the Female Founders Podcast and much more!

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Büro Züri Innovationspark

Our co-working space at Switzerland Innovation Park. In the converted fire station, a total of 170 square meters with 16 flexible workstations are available for up to 6 start-ups, spin-offs and young companies. Everything an innovative and collaborative work community could wish for is available: a modern meeting and workshop room, generous infrastructure, a kitchen, meeting zones, storage space and free access 24/7.

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Startup Challenge

The Startup Challenge offers entrepreneurs coaching, workshops, expert feedback, networking, and a shot at a CHF 20,000 prize pool. Finalists get a diploma, top teams may enter the RUNWAY Incubator with CHF 3,000 in services, and the winners receive a ticket to a startup conference incl. travel costs and accommodation. Sign up for the Kickoff to begin your startup journey!

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Matthias Filser

Head, STARTUP CAMPUS, Head, Innosuisse Startup Trainings

Ben Graziano

Project Lead, STARTUP CAMPUS Business Concept Course, Head Trainer, Innosuisse Startup Training

Richard Bläse

Project Lead, STARTUP CAMPUS Business Creation and Business Growth Course

Vanessa Mohrig

Marketing & Community Builder, STARTUP CAMPUS

Emanuel Lüthi

Course Manager, STARTUP CAMPUS

Björn Ignell

Course Manager Lausanne, STARTUP CAMPUS Business Creation and Business Growth Course (Lausanne)

Annina Graf

Project Assistant, STARTUP CAMPUS

Melanie Binggeli

Project Lead, Runway Startup Incubator

Beata Dinger

Project Manager, Büro Züri Innovationspark


Adrian Hilti

Co-Founder, Red and Blue Labs, Busuu

Anil Sethi

Scale-Up Coach

Beatrice Scarioni

Founder, Dripstone Impact Consulting

Ben Graziano

Founder and Lead, Startup Accelerator

Brigitta Gyoerfi

Innovation Strategist & CEO, Creablin

Daniel Breitenmoser

CEO & Founder, Ongresso

Daniel Diemers

CEO & Partner, SNGLR Group

Emily Elsner-Adams

Consultant, Elsner Research and Consulting

Heiko Visarius

Medtech Expert

Ian Tidswell

Co-Founder, Ideal Price

Isabelle Siegrist

Founder & CEO, Sandborn

Jan Fülscher

Co-Founder & President, KAPSLY Ventures

Johan Björck

Co-Founder Birchtree

Julia Molitor

European Patent Attorney, Molitor BioIP

Katka Letzing

CEO & Founder, Kickstart Innovation

Matthias Ehrat

Lecturer, Trainer and Startup Coach, ZHAW

Matthias Filser

Initiator and Board Member, Founders Hive

Matthias Hölling

Team Lead Foundation Affairs, Technopark Zurich

Melanie Kovacs

CEO & Founder, Joy Works

Nina Portier Reinhart

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Reinhart Capital

Phil Bachmann

Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Regula Buob

CEO, Leadership Lighthouse

Stefan Huber

Founder & Managing Director, StoryUp


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