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Startup Stories: Meet the Founders at RUNWAY Startup Incubator

Feel the startup groove

29. April 2024 18:30 - 21:00

Startup Stories: Meet the Founders at RUNWAY Startup Incubator

In this Startup Stories, you will get the chance to meet founders from the RUNWAY Startup Incubator. Three incredible founders will share their experiences about pitching to investors, how they started their company and what you should look out for when doing the same. And of course: you get the chance to ask all your burning questions about startup life, the founding process and anything else you are curious about!

More information about the event and the speakers coming soon.

The event takes place at the Technopark Winterthur in the conference hall, followed by an apéro at the Technopark Bistro.

This Startup Stories event by STARTUP CAMPUS is organized in collaboration with the RUNWAY Startup IncubatorTECHNOPARK® Winterthur and the Impact Hub Zurich.



Gregor Perich, Co-founder Terensis

Gregor did his PhD at ETHZ in agricultural sciences focusing on satellite-based estimation of crop yield and crop nutrition. During his PhD studies, he realized that his research know-how could have a tangible real-world impact on many stakeholders in the agrifood system. That’s why he’s founded Terensis in early 2024 together with his colleague, Lukas. Terensis develops a digital twin of agriculture to track field crops in real-time from sowing to harvest. With this technology, Terensis is on a mission to shape a data-based agrifood system to enable a more resource-efficient agriculture of tomorrow, ultimately feeding more people with less resources.

Kevin Yar, Co-Founder TrueYouOmics

Kevin, with roots in Biochemistry and Computational Life Sciences, honed his skills in crafting Deep Learning pipelines for Enzyme engineering and diving into hackathons during his Masters. Alongside Andrés at Biognosys, they focused on the human proteome as Data Scientists, uncovering the consumer potential of this tech. By late 2023, they teamed up with Dominic, driven to bring multi-omics directly to consumers in an accessible, accurate and affordable way, aiming to empower individuals and prevent diseases early on.

Moritz Pill, Co-Founder Borobotics GmbH

Moritz holds a M.Sc. degree in strategic entrepreneurship from Rotterdam School of Management and worked for several years in the startup funding space. In 2019, he co-founded his first start-up with BonAPI, a software development company with the aim of promoting sustainability and health in the culinary space. In 2023, he co-founded Borobotics, a spin-off from Zurich University of Applied Sciences developing an innovate bore robot designed for geothermal drilling in urban areas. Borobotics’ approach to drill design makes geothermal energy, the most efficient source of heating, cheaper, more accessible, and more environmentally friendly.

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