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Systematic expansion

Easy, cheap, good.  Sasha Arn offers under the name of  Webkönig internet performances for SMEs.

The advertising agency from Sasha Arn is a mixture of a factory and a shop. They produce industrially: with a clear model policy, defined processes and a well developed quality management. At the sale on the contrary, they rely on personal contact in an easily accessible shop in Uster (ZH). The graduate business economist Arn started in 2011, today he has seven co-workers. Some founders would have reached their goals, but Arn is talking about a stage: “Our services are well received by founders and entrepreneurs. It would be a pity if we offered the concept only in Zurich Oberland.” The plans for the development of a frachise system in the german-speaking part of Switzerland are set. Now it is time to search suitable and motivated partners. In 2015, one to three new Webkoenig stores should be opening.


Sasha Arn participated in the Business Growth course in 2014.