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Viracor AG

A Potential Blockbuster

Heart muscle inflammation is still nearly impossible to treat: Frank Enseleit and his team want to change this and are looking for investors.


In Europe alone, 12 million people are suffering from heart disease. A bypass or pacemaker can help many of them. The majority, however, have myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle for which, according to Frank Enseleit, a cardiologist at Zurich University Hospital, “there is no cure yet.” Researchers suspect that a group of viruses causes the disease. Enseleit, therefore, pricked up his ears when, at a convention, he heard about a potential new antiviral agent. He found partners with whom he acquired the relevant patents and conducted a series of trials on cell cultures and animals. As the German scientist reports: “The results are promising.” This is why he is now looking for investors to enable him to conduct clinical trials to test the new virostatic agent. He is convinced that he will be successful: “If the agent is everything it promises to be, we are looking at a market worth billions.”


Frank Enseleit participated in the Business Creation course in 2015.