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“If you join us, you will save money.”


When the shopper becomes a bargain hunter: David Pacassi Torrico launches a shopping app for people with low purchasing power.

There are already so many comparison portals, Mr. Pacassi. Why do we need another one?

My competitors enter the retail data themselves. We rely on the community.

You’ll have to explain that to us…

Our app contains text recognition software. It allows the consumer to scan receipts with a mobile phone camera. The platform in the background then links the abbreviations on the receipts with the products and makes the purchase information available to other participants.

The website is already online. How far along are you with your project?

I expect we’ll have a first version in early summer. The sticking point is the allocation of abbreviations and products. The same products are often labelled differently by the shops. At the moment, we are still doing the comparisons by hand but want to automate the process as soon as possible.

Who pays for your platform?

The app is free of charge for the user. We want to finance ourselves with fees for extra services.

You’re targeting people who you define as lacking purchasing power. What motivates you?

I spent part of my childhood in Bolivia and I know what it’s like to have to pay attention to your spending. At some point, most people find themselves in a situation where money becomes an issue – be it because of further studies or a new family member. My app can make life easier for them.


David Pacassi Torrico attended the Business Concept course in autumn 2018.