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Elegant Data Protection

Ambitious: Yves L. Seganfreddo plans to market his protective sleeves for biometric passports and smart cards on an international scale.


Have you ever noticed the wave symbol on your credit card? It indicates that the card is suitable for contactless smart card readers. You can pay in this way at a check-out counter, for example – but so could somebody else using his or her smartphone, if it has one of the reader apps which are freely available. This was a troubling thought for Yves L. Seganfreddo, the founder of a startup called YLS-Innovation, and he decided to study the protective sleeve market. What he found did not satisfy him. With the help of some engineers he knew, he began to develop a smart card sleeve with properties that would meet the highest of standards for shielding, wearing comfort, and sustainability.

“In mid-2015, we launched our innovation on,” Seganfreddo told us. The protective sleeves are sold under the name of Swicure. Sales are doing well, which is why the 42-year-old entrepreneur is now also targeting stationary outlets, both in Switzerland and in the other German-speaking countries. “In the long term,” Seganfreddo announced, “we will expand our business to include all of Europe.”


Yves L. Seganfreddo participated in the Business Growth course in 2016.