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Intelligent Coating

The ETH spin-off SuSoS is expanding its customer base: The man who travels to customers is called Christian Mathis.

“Thin-film polymers are all-rounders,” explains Christian Mathis. They are used as lubricating layers or adhesion promoters, and they prevent the formation of biofilms on surfaces or support the binding of antibodies, proteins, or cells to sensors. This is why they find frequent application in medical technology and the life sciences. SuSoS has been focusing on consulting and the development of coating solutions using such thin polymer films since it was established as an ETH spin-off in 2004. About one year ago, the company expanded its scope: In addition to services and individual customer solutions, it now also includes a range of standard products. To this end, it had to further expand its sales, which is where Christian Mathis comes in. The engineer with a second degree in economics had just finished his doctorate at ETH Zurich and was looking for a new challenge. Since being put in charge of business development at SuSoS, he has been on the road, especially in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. His job is to convince potential customers in just 50 words that they could open up new markets with SuSoS thin film polymers. “It’s hard,” the 30-year-old Vorarlberger told us, “but it’s a lot of fun.”


Christian Mathis participated in the Business Growth course in 2016.