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Stress reduction for young parents

“Babysenso” goes wherever you go: Medical doctor Ajit Mallik links parents and pediatricians.


«A real doctor for your baby – anywhere and anytime» is the claim on your website. Don’t we have hospital emergency rooms for that purpose, Mr. Mallik?

Good question, because this is exactly the problem: Nine out of ten worried parents who bring their babies to the emergency room are sent home again because there is nothing wrong with their child from a medical point of view. With our system, we hit two birds with one stone: We lighten the load of hospital ERs while relieving parents of some of their fears and reducing their stress and trouble.

How exactly does Babysenso work?

We have integrated an infrared thermometer, a heart and lung stethoscope, a camera, and a microphone into an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. In addition, we have developed an app that allows you to contact a pediatrician via videophone, around the clock and seven days a week.

An impressive idea. Are there any competitors?

Not yet in Europe.That is a great advantage for us.

You work with a team. Who are your partners?

We are four people. From developing the technology further and establishing new partnerships to creating a revenue model: There is much to do.

Where are you going next?

In summer, we are launching a pilot project with a small group of parents. Then come the prototype and the actual market entry. In Switzerland, approximately 90,000 children are born every year. You see: We don’t lack potential customers.


Ajit Mallik participated in the Business Concept course in autumn 2016.