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Sitting back training

Plain bearings instead of spring elements: Winterthur biomechanic Daniel Baumgartner has developed a new type of health chair.


Every second adult suffers from back pain, which is why around 180 million Swiss francs are spent every year on ergonomic office furniture in Switzerland. However, it is better than protecting a damaged back to activate it, for example on chairs with seats whose suspension is intended to cause the back to work against resistance. “However, sitting on spring elements has a disadvantage,” says Daniel Baumgartner, lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, “it impairs concentration. That’s why the biomechanic developed a chair that owes its mobility to friction bearings without resistance. A crowdfunding campaign raised 60,000 Swiss francs for the production of the pilot series. Baumgartner is optimistic: “The market for dynamic chairs is still small, but is growing by 20 percent every year”.


Daniel Baumgartner participated in the Business Growth Course in 2014.