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Heating with ice

New use for old “manure holes”: Electrical engineer Remo Ritzmann has developed a control system that turns farms into power stations.


Air heat pumps extract their heating energy from the ambient air. In winter, their temperature can be far below freezing, which impairs the efficiency of the pumps. This is why so-called ice reservoirs are increasingly being used: the temperature level there is never below zero degrees; if energy is removed, only the icing progresses. “My idea,” says Remo Ritzmann, “is to convert discarded manure holes into ice reservoirs.” His calculations show: With an intelligent control system, a power plant can be built from an ice reservoir of this size, a hybrid solar system and various heat recovery processes, which will produce heat for ten years cheaper than an oil-fired heating system. Ritzmann’s pilot project is his parents’ farmhouse in Guntmadingen, Schaffhausen.


Remo Ritzmann participated in the Business Growth Course in 2014.