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Early detection for premature births

Against superfluous hormone treatments: Sabrina Badir’s diagnostic device could be used in any gynecological practice.


Births before the 37th week of pregnancy are expensive. This is why gynaecologists periodically check the condition of the cervix during pregnancy. However, the conventional ultrasound measurement method has one shortcoming: it has only limited informative value. As a result, necessary therapeutic measures are not taken, while conversely women without any real risk of premature birth are treated with hormones. As part of her doctoral thesis at the Institute for Mechanical Systems at the ETHZ, the Zurich-based movement scientist Sabrina Badir has built a device that determines the tissue firmness of the cervix. It works with a highly sensitive force sensor that the pregnant woman hardly feels. If the clinical tests are positive, Sabrina Badir wants to start series production.



Sabrina Badir participated in the Business Creation course in 2015.