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Happy Lunchtime

Gentle heating: Claudio Ruiz and his partners have developed a lunchbox for office workers.

The best ideas come while you wait: That’s how it was with the two systems engineers Claudio Ruiz and Reto Muhl. While waiting in line in front of the microwaves at the ZHAW cafeteria, they were annoyed by the long queue. They decided to build a heatable lunchbox as part of their upcoming Bachelor’s thesis. “Our research showed that such products were available already, but not in the quality we wanted,” recalls Ruiz.

A prototype is now available, and an expert is checking whether the technical innovation on which it is based can be patented. Until then, Ruiz is bound to silence. He has revealed, however, that the Nexenic lunch box works with steam, which not only heats the food inside but also regenerates it. The potential customer base is enormous: Studies from Germany have shown that every second office worker takes his or her lunch from home. That is why Ruiz and Muhl have brought on board additional business skills in the person of Astrid Bessmer. This enables them to concentrate on the industrialization of their lunch box: “In the meantime, “according to Ruiz, “our Master’s degrees will have to wait.”


Claudio Ruiz participated in the Business Creation course in 2017.