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NeuroCycle Therapeutics

Animal Itching

Sophisticated Recycling: Chemist Jed Hubbs develops new drugs for humans and dogs from proven substances.


Each year, dog owners around the world are spending around 300 million Swiss francs on drugs to help relieve chronic itching in their darlings. “An ideal segment with which to test the potential of our innovation,” says Jed Hubbs, a chemist at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry at the ETH Zurich. We are talking about a platform that allows scientists to replicate and enhance chemical compounds by means of customized enzymes; the focus is on proven substances to treat disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). In April, the 40-year-old American started his company, NeuroCycle Therapeutics, and in October the Animal Hospital Zurich completed a first series of tests. The results were encouraging, which is why Hubbs is now looking for financial backers. He has a lot to offer. For disorders of the CNS also cause numerous diseases in humans, such as chronic pain or epilepsy. “In the long term,” says Hubbs, “we want our technology to lead to breakthroughs in human medicine, as well.”


Jed Hubbs participated in the Business Concept course in spring 2015.