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“We’re accelerating Alzheimer’s research”


The unexpected often happens: On the business concept course, Awa Diagne met two pharmaceutical researchers. Now she is the CEO of a diagnostics startup.

You enrolled in the course with the idea of improving healthcare in remote areas. The course participants decided to pursue other projects. Disappointed, Ms Diagne?

Not at all! I knew we would only work on five out of 25 proposals. I also immediately found Ahmed Haider and Hazem Farouk’s project extremely exciting. With Daniel Tay our team was finally complete.

What is it about?

Alzheimer’s research is hindered by the fact that the disease can only be diagnosed when it is already well advanced. We want to change that. We are developing a marker that makes neurological damage visible at a very early stage. Our head of development Ahmed Haider is an internationally recognized expert in this field and has already won various awards for his research.

But you yourself have no scientific background, right?

I studied computer engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and Strategy at HEC Paris. Later, I worked as a management consultant on every continent except Australia. With that business background, Ahmed and Hazem wanted me to be their CEO.

Your company is called Nemosia. It has not yet been entered in the commercial register. Why?

At the moment, we are negotiating with ETH about licensing the patents that are important. At the same time, we are talking to foundations and investors about seed financing. Once we have obtained funding, we will set up our startup.


Awa Diagne attended the Business Concept Course in Spring 2020