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Faeces as raw material

Ideal for disaster areas and urban slums: the installation-free toilet system by industrial designer Mona Mijthab.


More than a billion people have no access to sanitary facilities. They are allowed to do their emergency work outdoors, which leads to the spread of dangerous diarrhoeal pathogens. Solutions such as the MoSan sanitary system are in demand. It was developed by designer Mona Mijthab in her master’s thesis at the Zurich University of the Arts. “My dry toilet separates the faeces,” explains Mijthab. The solid and liquid components can then be collected, treated and processed into fertiliser or fuel. The pilot projects in Kenya were successful. Now Mijthab is looking for partnerships with NGOs and relief organisations. But their ambitions continue: in the medium term, MoSan is to become an example of economically sustainable development cooperation. “I imagine local entrepreneurs operating recycling companies on a licence basis.”


Mona Mijthab participated in the Business Creation Course in 2014.