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Meteomatics GmbH

Weather drones in high flight

Inaccurate weather forecasts cause millions of dollars of damage in affected industries. Martin Fengler wants to provide remedy.

Wind and solar power stations only produce power, if it is windy or rather if the sun is shining. Accurate weather forecasts therefore worth a lot of money for operators, whereas wrong weather forecasts produce costs. The German energy industry alone expects losses of up to 200 million euros per year. Especially storms and mists are hard to predict. Martin Fengler, who is a mathematician and an expert in the field of flow, explains: “These are local phenomena caused by the lowest atmospheric layer.” In this base layer, almost no data is collected. Fenglers Meteomatics GmbH has developed a measuring drone to change this. This drone should rise and land several times a day. Martin Fengler is optimistic: “The evaluation of our first measured data is very promising.”




Martin J. Fengler participated in the Business Creation course in 2014.