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Relaunch at Lunchgate

A Heart for Guests and Caterers: How Martin Weisskopf is revamping the Internet platform Lunchgate.


Small or young restaurant platforms do not have it easy. The competition from giants like TripAdvisor or Google Commerce seems overpowering. “To grow in this area, you have to constantly reinvent yourself,” said Martin Weisskopf. Lunchgate, a venture founded in 2009, was in need of reorientation. That summer, Weisskopf made the leap from operations manager to CEO. Since then, 48-year-old Weisskopf has been running the company, which has 11 employees, as a digitization partner of the Swiss catering trade, for example, with his project “Presence Management”. The system has interfaces to the main industry and social media platforms. Restaurateurs therefore need to enter their information about menus, seasonal promotions, or opening times only once as it is automatically forwarded to the various online channels. Weisskopf’s objectives are ambitious: “In three years’ time, we aim to at least double our customer base of currently 1,000.”


Martin Weisskopf participated in the Business Growth course in 2016.