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“A heart attack changes lives.”


Because every second counts: Marcel Rohner belongs to a team that wants to build an augmented reality application for emergency helpers.


Virtually every Swiss goes through a classic emergency helper course once in his or her lifetime. Is that not enough, Mr Rohner?

Not always, as the example of a heart attack shows. Every year, 40,000 Swiss suffer a heart attack. 8,000 patients die, many of them because no one is there to take the necessary resuscitation measures. You have to know: every minute that passes after a cardiovascular arrest, the chance of survival drops by ten percent.

How can an augmented reality (AR) application help?

An AR application links digital content to a real object. This combination is perfect for training behavior in an extremely stressful situation. The aspiring emergency helper experiences a “real” environment through a pair of data glasses –a busy street, for example – and at the same time has his or her hands free to work on a “real” dummy.

Emergency courses are run by nonprofit organizations. How do you want to make money?

We believe that a course provider can differentiate oneself with our tool. We also target large companies. The law obliges them to carry out in-house emergency courses.

Since the beginning of the year, you have been working as an engineer in the innovation park of machine manufacturer Bühler in Eastern Switzerland. Do you have time for a startup?

There are three of us, and we’re currently discussing the distribution of tasks. I’m determined to move forward. My father suffered a heart attack. He recovered, but such an incident changes one’s life forever.


Marcel Rohner attended the Business Concept course in spring 2019.