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Large Scale 3D Printer

Large, inexpensive, and fast.

Size matters: Flurin Camenzind, an engineer from Zurich Oberland, has developed a 3D printer for large-scale projects.


What is the technical challenge of macro-printing, Mr. Camenzind?

In principle, it’s possible to use an ordinary 3D printer to produce large objects. The problem is the price of the raw materials: The filaments currently used in fused deposit modeling (FDM) are expensive and make it uneconomical to use an additive procedure to produce everyday articles of use such as a chair.

Do you print with cheaper materials?

I work with plastic granules such as the ones used in industrial injection molding. However, I had to construct a new print head – a kind of micro-extruder.

Your company, 3DDD, handles print jobs. How did your customers react to your innovation?

I have already completed some print jobs for them and will continue to do so on request. In the long term, however, I see myself not as a printing service provider, but as a mechanical engineer.

Will everyone print their furniture at home in the future?

That would be a possible scenario. However, for private individuals my large-scale printers would still be a bit expensive.

Why? How much are they?

About the same as a small or mid-range car.


Flurin Camenzind participated in the Business Concept Course in 2017.