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It’s about taking pride in one’s work

Ecological. Social. Local. Australian-born Daniel Salerno ventures into the fashion industry.


What makes a recently graduated particle physicist sell clothes?

Conditions in the textile factories of Southeast Asia leave nobody unaffected. I want to do something helpful that I can be proud of.

Fair fashion is in vogue. What distinguishes your business model from all the others?

The combination of sustainability, great designs and high-tech. We are developing a software program that allows us to calculate body measurements based on a selfie of the customer.

And what happens next?

We procure textiles that meet three conditions: They must be made of organically grown fabric, treated without chemical toxins, and produced under fair conditions. With these materials, we supply Swiss tailors. The first products we want to launch are T-shirts.

Local labor costs are high, but the fashion market is very price sensitive. How much will you have to charge for a tailor-made shirt?

It shouldn’t be more than 50 to 60 Swiss francs. A feasibility study being conducted at the moment will tell us if this can work.

When will you start?

Early 2018. By then, we also want to raise CHF 300,000 in starting capital. We welcome investors committed to environmental and social sustainability.


Daniel Salerno participated in the Business Concept course in autumn 2016.