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Sports Teachers on Demand

Networking is everything: Engineer Giacomo Cavallini and five of his colleagues are building an online portal for freelancers.


In the US, booking sites for teachers are highly popular. Foreign languages, music, sports, or art: There is hardly any area for which it is not possible to find an expert nearby. Why, Giacomo Cavallini wondered, does something similar not exist in Switzerland? Cavallini is a native Italian working for a large Swiss electronics company. He did some research and, with one of his fellow engineers, enrolled in a CTI Entrepreneurship course. “We wanted to immerse ourselves in the innovation scene and improve our business skills,” Cavallini recalls. It soon became clear, however, that the idea of a guru platform appealed to others, as well. A six-person team was formed, which – coached by experienced serial entrepreneur Nicolas Berg – created a business plan focusing, among other things, on the sports market. After completing the course, the team proceded to program a minimum viable product (MVP). In September, the platform went live. The first results are very promising. “Now,” Giacomo Cavallini is happy to report, “we have something to show potential investors.”


Giacomo Cavallini participated in the Business Concept course in 2015.