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Rate Where You Study

Grades for professors: With the help of former fellow students, Raphael Tobler is setting up a rating platform for Swiss universities.

Reference marketing creates transparency: concerning hotels, restaurants, airlines, museums, as well as universities. “In Germany, websites such as are extremely popular,” says Raphael Tobler. That is why he and three of his former fellow students developed Last November, the platform went online, and in March, it had already had 6,000 visitors. On the basis of almost 1,500 standardized evaluations, dozens of study courses have been evaluated. Eduwo is free for students. “Our customers,” explains Tobler, a 30-year-old entrepreneur,” are the universities.” sells them premium access which, among other things, allows its users to place marketing on the platform and evaluate certain user data statistically. St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences has already signed on the dotted line. “We want to become the undisputed number one in Switzerland,” explains Tobler. French and English versions are in preparation.


Raphael Tobler hat am Business Creation Kurs in 2016 teilgenommen.