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Biological fungus control

Environmental engineer Ludwig Glöcklhofer from Waedenswil has developed a fungicide, extracted from compost. He wants to improve the ecological assessment of golf courses with his invention.


Golf courses are getting mowed everey day; and because the blades are getting damaged every time, they are susceptible to fungi. Synthetic fungicides serve as antidotes, but the days of this chemical method seem to be over.  “Warm, fungi-friendly winters and the decreasing acceptance of pesticides make them appear problematic”, says the environmental engineer Ludwig Glöcklhofer. What is needed are alternatives such as the ones Glöcklhofer is researching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Waedenswil. There, the hobby golfer has succeeded in extracting a fungicide from compost, that blends residueless into the natural cycle of golf courses. Not only the ecological but also the economic potential of this innovation is great: “Fungus control on a 18-hole-golf course costs about 10 000 CHF annualy”, knows Glöcklhofer.



Ludwig Glöcklhofer participated in the Business Creation course in 2014.