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“Prevention against vacation frustration”

Geodata for the tourism and leisure industry: Evelyn Mühlhofer and Leonie Bauer know how long the swimming pool is sunny.

According to Wikipedia, geodata are ‘information to which a specific spatial location can be assigned on the earth’s surface’. How can a business be made out of this, Ms. Mühlhofer?

Evelyn Mühlhofer: Geodata has long been used in logistics and the energy industry. Now it’s a question of preparing information on climate, weather or landscape characteristics for tourism as well. We know that platforms like Airbnb repeatedly receive customer complaints because the swimming pool in the vacation home is only sunny in the morning. Geodata can prevent such disappointments.

As a doctoral student in the field of climate risk research, how do you come up with the idea of solving the problems of the tourism industry?

Mühlhofer: Leonie and I arranged to meet for coffee in the garden pub the summer before last, but always sat in the shade….

Leonie Bauer: One thing followed the other. Evelyn was familiar with the procurement and preparation of the necessary data material. Then we asked ourselves what the business model could look like and quickly came up with B2B2C. As an employee at an insurTech startup that develops insurance solutions for the private customers of its corporate clients, I have experience with this.

You are both very busy professionally. What’s next?

Mühlhofer: We are looking for a partner – for example, the operator of an outdoor app – with whom we can develop a pilot.

Bauer: Speaking of search: For the development of the backend and the programming interface we would like to add an IT crack to the team. Interested parties are welcome to contact Evelyn.

Evelyn Mühlhofer attended the Innosuisse Business Concept course in autumn 2021