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For homeowners with an eye on the future: Two scientists with a doctorate from ETH Zurich, Julien Marquant and Boran Morvaj, are integrating solar modules, batteries, and smart meters.

In Switzerland, suppliers of clean electricity to the national grid are rewarded financially – at least theoretically, for the waiting list for ‘feed-in remuneration at cost’ is long and already includes more than 20,000 installations. As a model, the feed-in tariff at cost is politically controversial. Energy experts agree: In the long term, private operators of photovoltaic installations will need a new business model. Ideally, they should be able to accumulate electricity locally, with EASE, for instance, a system integrating solar panels, a smart meter, and a lithium-ion battery. “We turn homeowners and small entrepreneurs into electricity managers,” one of the initiators of EASE, Boran Morvaj, explains. As potential distribution partners, they want to target associations, local energy providers, and electricians.