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CyanoGuard AG

Hot on the Trail of an Environmental Toxin

Beware of hydrogen cyanide: Serafina Weinhold, Benedikt Kirchgaessler, and their team are marketing a new rapid test.


The story begins in the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Zurich, where it has been possible to quickly and reliably detect hydrogen cyanide using a Vitamin B12-based molecule. The industry showed little interest in the new procedure, so Bachelor’s student Benedikt Kirchgaessler decided to market the innovation himself. He formed a team and founded CyanoGuard in August 2016. Serafina Weinhold joined him soon after that. She has a Master’s degree in international business administration and has been responsible for human resources management and product development: “We are currently preparing our market entry.” She negotiates with companies obliged by law to test their wastewater for hydrogen cyanide: plastic manufacturers, electroplating companies, or operators of goldmines.

They used to have to take samples and have them examined in a laboratory. CyanoGuard’s rapid test shortens the time between test and result to just a few seconds. “We help our customers save costs and ensure environmentally friendly wastewater disposal,” says Serafina Weinhold.


Serafina Weinhold Andersen participated in the Business Creation Course in 2017.