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App for asian travelers

An app for extra tours

On your own: With the app from Zenghuan Shan and Florian Krausbeck group travellers from China can make their own programs.


The program of asian group travellers is tight: The most important sights, clock shops and souvenir shops are getting visited. Special requests aren’t scheduled. Zenghuan Shan and Florian Krausbeck want to change that. Their app that is in mandarin offers all the important information to explore a city individually. At the same time, travel guides can communicate on the app, so that nobody gets lost. Furthermore, agencies can analyze which offers are particulary popular and consequently optimize their program. The interest is great. First tests with a chinese travel group have already been arranged.


Zenghuan Shan and Florian Krausbeckparticipated in the Business Creation course in 2014.