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Amphiro AG

Transparency in the Shower

Monitoring hot water consumption: How Amphiro bathroom fittings can help reduce energy consumption in the shower.


The centerpiece of this innovation is a micro-turbine. With the water flowing through it, electricity is generated which powers a temperature sensor and display. This intelligent consumption monitor was developed by a team at ETH Zurich headed by electronic engineer Thomas Stiefmeier.

“In our field tests,” Stiefmeier recalls, “we managed to reduce the electricity and water bills of a family of four by 100 Swiss francs a year.”

Since its launch in 2012, Amphiro sold over 20,000 fittings, about one-third in the first half year of 2015 alone. The main distribution channels are local energy providers with a vested interest in energy-saving bathroom appliances. “Water heaters,” according to Stiefmeier, “use more electricity than all other household appliances combined.


Thomas Stiefmeier participated in the Business Growth course in 2015.