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activ music GmbH

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Playing piano made easy: Sven Haefliger from Zurich has set up an e-learning platform for piano students.

Someone who wants to learn how to play piano should already start in his childhood and has to be able to read notations. Wrong, says Sven Haefliger: “What really counts in modern song accompaniment is an intuitiv understanding of rhythm, melody and harmony.” Based on this understanding, he has developed a new teaching concept. After a trip around the world the musician and project manager started: To this day he has produced and uploaded about 500 tutorial videos. Depending on their subscription, his students have access to single files or the whole library; members of the so-called¬†Pianoclub¬†are entitled for a realtime support via Skype. This offer is well received: At the end of 2014, active music GmbH has already gained 2000 customers in the german-speaking area. “And not a single one has made use of the money-back guarantee”, tells Haefliger.

Sven Haefliger participated in the Business Growth course in 2014.