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STARTUP CAMPUS winners of Business Concept Course – Spring 2022

With the end of last month, so ended the Innosuisse Business Concept CourseĀ for spring 2022.


The 12 weeks course supports motivated and ambitious students as well as staff and faculty members of Swiss Universities and Universities of applied sciences to develop an idea into a promising business concept.


Back in February 2022, we started with more than 120 highly motivated and ambitious participants. Out of +80 business ideas, 30 were chosen to be worked on during the course. With the help of experienced coaches and trainers, the ventures worked on areas such as Business Modelling, Financing, forming a Team, Fundraising and learned how to create a winning pitch. And now, 12 weeks later, we are proud to announce the STARTUP CAMPUS Business Concept Award winners for the most innovative business ideas:

šŸš€Ā Sensation: The team of Greta Preatoni developed an AI-based wearable device to objectively measure and there improve chronic pain treatment. The startup won both the Business Concept Class Award for the best idea in their class as well as theĀ Business Concept Program Award for the most promising idea of this spring’s course.


šŸš€Ā Ordnael GameLab: Leandro Graschi and his team arededicated to unfolding the true potential of gaming: Sustaining the real world with the power of the virtual world.


šŸš€Ā Rapidata:Ā Together with his team, Jason CorkillĀ is using mobile ad space to make users complete small data labeling or validation tasks on customer data.


šŸš€Ā NeuroBlink: Andrea Cimolato‘s team aims to create the first completely wearable device that can be comfortably worn as a pair of glasses able to restore the blinking motor function to facial paralysis patients in a natural way.


šŸš€Ā Chiral:Ā Natanael Lanz and his team provide a highly automated production chain for ultraclean nanotransistors, enabling the development and production of next-generation quantum processors and sensors.


Congratulations to all the winning teams!šŸ¤© A BIG THANK YOU to our great lead trainersĀ Phil Bachmann, Melanie Kovacs,Ā Anil Sethi,Ā Regula BuobĀ andĀ Heiko VisariusĀ for supporting the teams in the past weeks.

Are you interested to kickstart your entrepreneurial career as well? At the InnosuisseĀ Business Concept Course, we support you in developing your idea into a proper Business Model. 12 weeks ā€“ free of charge! Registrations for the Fall Semester 2022 are now open:Ā Register here