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STARTUP CAMPUS Connect – Business Concept

Every beginning is hard. That is a lesson that every startup founder has to learn. It takes entrepreneurial skill to make a brilliant business idea come to life. To acquire, practice, and perfect their know-how, about 85 young entrepreneurs spent 12 weeks on the CTI Entrepreneurship Startup training course “Business Concept.” On 30 November 2016, 25 teams presented their business ideas to representatives of the Swiss Startup ecosystem in a poster presentation at the STARTUP CAMPUS Connect Event at ETH Zurich.


The evening began with a welcome address by Jacques Hefti, co-director of STARTUP CAMPUS. He greeted participants and introduced Dr. Dariusz Artur Burnat and Daniel Steitz of theMOFcompany. The two founders of theMOFcompany met exactly one year ago in a “Business Concept” course and now run a successful startup together. They know the problems of young start-uppers only too well. The two spinoff owners inspired participants with an exciting keynote speech. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are the next generation of high-tech materials with exceptional properties: The surface of just one gram of MOF is the size of a football field. MOFs can be used in new industrial applications, such as more efficient gas storage in vehicles or exhaust filtering. theMOFcompany features unique technology enabling, for the first time, the production of MOFs in ways that are flexible and scalable, paving the way for industrial application.

Following Dariusz’ and Daniel’s keynote speech, the invited organizations presented themselves. They all gave a short pitch to introduce their products or services. Particularly exciting, and a great networking opportunity for the young startup founders, was the presence of three investor groups: Business Angels Switzerland, SICTIC, and In the manner of a “silent party,” their contributions were also transmitted through headphones. Anyone who was interested could listen in from the terrace of ETH Dozentenfoyer, which looks out onto the illuminated old town of Zurich, without disturbing those who wanted to continue their networking.


What next for our course participants?

The Connect Event and the final pitches to a jury – investors and experts with years of experience in the startup world – concluded what has been an exciting and intensive time for the young entrepreneurs. They now have another major decision to make: how to go on following the “Business Concept” training course? We very much hope that all our “start-uppers” will succeed in taking the leap and that they will have the courage to develop their ideas further – just like theMOFcompany did a year ago.


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