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STARTFELD Innovation Center

St. Gallen - St. Galler Tagblatt und Empa Gebäude Teil des St. Galler Innovationspark Technologiepark Konzept 

This is it! The STARTFELD Innovation Center opens on 11 March 2016, after months of preparation and planning. You are cordially invited to be part of this special event.

Innovation – a buzz word that can mean any number of things. The STARTFELD Innovation Center near Empa in St. Gallen presents innovations in a clear and compelling light. It is a platform for creative people from all fields, inviting them to jointly launch, develop, and realize, new products and services. Startup founders exchange ideas with well-established entrepreneurs, scientists, creative industry representatives, and students. In our “FabLab”, new product ideas quickly take shape and, following the motto “learning by doing”, can quickly be brought to market and tested. The Center’s proximity to university campuses and research institutions facilitates knowledge and technology transfer and the sharing of valuable know-how. The STARTFELD Innovation Center has a specialized infrastructure of offices, laboratories, impersonal workspace, and rooms for meetings and events.

Program on 11 March 2016
15.00                Doors open
15.30                Start of event
16.25                Closing remarks and outlook. Introduction of START Hack
16.30                End of event. Guests are invited to move on to witness the launch of START Hack.

START Hack, a 35-hour event organized by START Global in cooperation with STARTFELD, will be held in the same building immediately following the event. Some 100 programmers from Europe, the U.S., and Israel will take part in a programming marathon. The focus will be on FinTech, the Internet of Things, and Mobility ( Program details will be available in due course on the STARTFELD website. For registration, please go to