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Recap of the Media Training (8th February 2022)

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The 3rd edition of the Media Training together with Farner Consulting AG and Impact Hub Zürich was a full success 💪

Together with 20 early stage startups, we talked about the Swiss media landscape, which channels and organizations are relevant and what to keep in mind when approaching them.

In an interactive workshop, we developed the so-called “Message House” together with the participants and explored how these key messages can be used to position a startup towards the media.

Our main take aways from the course:

🔥 Always connect your press release with news. Don’t just send out a press release about your business, try to always include something that is “new” or connect it to a bigger topic that journalists could be interested to cover (eg sustainability)

🔥 To craft key messages, it takes time and several revisions. Our tipp: Google the term “message house”. That will help you craft key messages that ideally support your 1 line unique selling proposition

🔥 It’s not always about size. Of course a featuring in a famous daily newspaper is awesome, but these journalists get dozens of press releases on a daily basis. Try to research and contact also smaller media, maybe journals specific for your industry

A big thank you to Farner Consulting for hosting and guiding through this interactive workshop!