Our Startups

Watch here our best startups and business idea projects that were awarded with the STARTUP CAMPUS Award.

  • Vatorex
    The Varroa mite is the enemy of all beekeepers. Vatorex is an association that promotes a system which fights these parasites using heat instead of poison.
  • WakeUp Pelvic
    Helping women with a health issue often hushed up: Why Ieva Paludneviciute and her team are building a digital solution for pelvic physiotherapists and their patients.
  • CO2L
    Intelligent climate protection: Why materials scientist Anh Tran Ly wants to extract formic acid from CO2.
  • aiEndoscopic
    Support in stressful situations: aiEndoscopic is developing an intubation aid for emergency physicians and anesthetists.
  • Prognolite
    More profit and less food waste: Simon Michel and Roman Lickel, both from Zurich Oberland, are developing a forecasting tool for restaurant owners.
  • Ophthorobotics
    Better quality of life and lower costs: Zurich firm Ophthorobotics is building a robot able to administer high-precision injections into the eye.
  • Silver Spec
    Dylan Wolff is developing a solution on how new software is tested
  • IRIS
    No more stress-related sick leave: Why neuroscientist Marcus Grüschow measures pupils.
  • 3DSalt
    How ETH doctoral student Nicole Kleger wants to take the manufacturing industry a step further
  • Visitor service for older people
    Exchange between the generations: Mario Diener wanted to set up a student visiting service for older people.
  • Learning & Training with AtlasVR
    How ETH doctoral student Christian Hirt wants to reduce training costs in the machine industry
  • peakPCR
    DNA analysis within minutes: ETH PhD candidate Michele Gregorini is targeting a billion-euro market and is taking on big companies.
  • AeroPept
    Why microbiologist Agneya Bhushan wants to create a peptide library
  • Aseptuva
    Saving lives: ETH doctoral candidate Eashan Saikia wants to drastically reduce the number of pneumonia cases resulting from artificial respiration.
  • Sustainable Perfumes
    Healthy and sustainable fragrances: Why Frida Michailidou is planning a crowdfunding campaign.
  • DeepPsy
    Evidence-based diagnostics of mental illness. Dr. Sebastian Olbrich from University Hospital Zurich is working on a deep-learning platform for psychiatrists and psychotherapists.
  • Scan2Screen
    Digitizing hand-colored films: Why cinematographer Martin Weiss wants to market a multispectral scanner.
  • MyLeg
    Giacomo Valle is developing a new neuroprosthesis for leg amputees
  • Mycoline
    Theory becomes an exciting practice. How 22-year-old EMPA trainee Tine Kalac became part of a unique innovation project.
  • qCella
    ETH doctoral student Murielle Schreck wants to revolutionize the market for heated clothing
  • Hemocontrol
    Why Dustin Becker, a postdoctoral researcher at the ETH, is interested in intensive care units.
  • TwingTec
    The global potential of wind energy is massive. To use it even more efficiently, TwingTec, a spin-off of Empa and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, have developed a flight wind turbine that produces electricity cheaply.
  • Nemosia
    On the business concept course, Awa Diagne met two pharmaceutical researchers. Now she is the CEO of a diagnostics startup.
  • InkVivo
    ETH doctoral student Elia Guzzi is working on a novel delivery system for painkillers
  • OPtimize
    ETH doctoral student Mikail Levasseur wants to revolutionize medicine and pharmaceutical research
  • Eclix
    Geodata for the tourism and leisure industry: Evelyn Mühlhofer and Leonie Bauer know how long the swimming pool is sunny.
  • EASE
    For homeowners with an eye on the future: Two scientists with a doctorate from ETH Zurich, Julien Marquant and Boran Morvaj, are integrating solar modules, batteries, and smart meters. In Switzerland, suppliers of clean electricity to the national grid are rewarded financially – at least theoretically, for the waiting list for ‘feed-in remuneration at cost’ is long... View Article
  • Caressoma AG
    Machine learning meets ultrasound. How osteopath Jana Maes aims to reduce the risk of injury and improve rehabilitation for top athletes.
  • MNP Therapeutics
    Subas Scheibler is exploring the potential of iron-based nanoparticles for the diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors.