Our Startups

  • TwingTec
    Harvesting the Wind The global potential of wind energy is massive. To use it even more efficiently, TwingTec, a
  • Sivex
    Emergency Help You are running low on beer, the marquee has collapsed, and there is a power outage?
  • Amphiro AG
    Transparency in the Shower Monitoring hot water consumption: How Amphiro bathroom fittings can help reduce energy consumption in
  • Guru Bazar
    Sports Teachers on Demand Networking is everything: Engineer Giacomo Cavallini and five of his colleagues are building an
  • Edapro
    Biological fungus control Environmental engineer Ludwig Glöcklhofer from Waedenswil has developed a fungicide, extracted from compost. He wants to improve the
  • FairWear
    It's about taking pride in one's work Ecological. Social. Local. Australian-born Daniel Salerno ventures into the fashion industry.
  • Cancer prognostic
    Fighting Colon Cancer Colon cancer is fairly easy to treat if it is recognized early. A non-invasive test
  • Vatorex
    Saving the Bees The Varroa mite is the enemy of all beekeepers. Vatorex is an association that promotes
  • Pregnolia
    Early detection for premature births Against superfluous hormone treatments: Sabrina Badir's diagnostic device could be used in any
  • Cobalytics
    Quick test for smoke poisoning Help for rescuers: The chemical sensor from Michael Felber and Sebastian Imstepf measures
  • SelfPuris
    Water for emerging countries Christian Koch, soon a graduate with a Master's degree in environmental engineering, wants to
  • Salvus
    For material testing and medicine With a lot of visibility: Canadian-born Michael Afanasiev is developing software that is
  • smart-me AG
    Power Meter in the Cloud Grab it and go: Schwyz software engineer David Eberli has developed an innovative
  • SuSoS AG
    Intelligent Coating The ETH spin-off SuSoS is expanding its customer base: The man who travels to customers is
  • Booking.com for doctors
    Booking.com for doctors Relieves the doctor and increases patient comfort: Alexander Locher develops a booking platform for practicing
  • Financial Risk Mgt.
    The Pitfalls of Fixed Rates for Cases Business expertise for hospitals: Medical practitioner Tarun Mehra and ETHZ economist
  • Surp
    Suddenly in Krakow Trips into the unknown: A young company from St. Gallen offers surprise trips for customers
  • Viracor AG
    A Potential Blockbuster Heart muscle inflammation is still nearly impossible to treat: Frank Enseleit and his team want to
  • Battery electrodes
    Doping for batteries Faster charging with the same performance: Like Martin Ebner, Postdoc at ETH Zurich, who wants
  • Atelier Daetwyler
    For More Performance Stimulates body and mind: The action artist Brigitte Dätwyler provides customized motivational workshops. Artistic interactions
  • Aqua Compass
    "Every animal leaves its mark."   An American in Switzerland: Kristy Deiner is developing a KIT to genetically
  • Software-tool for data analysis
    Overview in the flood of information The tool from Fabian Mueller's team shows connections between information at a
  • CardioAI
    "For those who value their health." Cardiac arrhythmia is an early symptom of many diseases: Paul Egan and
  • Family role play
    Pedagogically valuable When mom and dad become directors: Alfred Angerer has developed a role play for families with
  • BabySenso
    Stress reduction for young parents "Babysenso" goes wherever you go: Medical doctor Ajit Mallik links parents and pediatricians.
  • Dynamicmold
    "Affordable thanks to high-tech." The traceability of components is a major challenge in medical technology: Physicist Cornelia Nef
  • Webkönig
    Systematic expansion Easy, cheap, good.  Sasha Arn offers under the name of  Webkönig internet performances for SMEs. The advertising
  • App for asian travelers
    An app for extra tours On your own: With the app from Zenghuan Shan and Florian Krausbeck group travellers
  • Juvabis
    Race against the Superbugs More and more pathogens are resistant to conventional antibiotics. Juvabis, a new biotech company,
  • Icontrols AG
    Quick and Clean Off to the niche: Andreas Eberle assembles printed circuit boards for research institutes, development laboratories,
  • Nexaero
    Intelligent Insulation Aerogels insulate twice as well as air: Empa researchers Ana Stojanovic, Lukas Huber, and Matthias Koebel
  • Rascope AG
    Fast and Easy Random sampling is a thing of the past: A laser spectroscope developed by Urs Schneider
  • Nexenic
    Happy Lunchtime Gentle heating: Claudio Ruiz and his partners have developed a lunchbox for office workers. The best
  • Unique
    "If you join us, you will save money.”   When the shopper becomes a bargain hunter: David Pacassi
  • hemoTUNE
    Hope for critically ill patients At the ETH Zurich Functional Materials Laboratory, chemical engineer Lukas Langenegger is developing
  • NeuroCycle Therapeutics
    Animal Itching Sophisticated Recycling: Chemist Jed Hubbs develops new drugs for humans and dogs from proven substances.  
  • Mochil
    Fashion Made in Mexico Latin American flair: Karina Ehrensperger sells leather handbags and backpacks that are made for
  • John Baker AG
    Clean craftsmanship Seasonal, ecological and always oven-fresh: Jens Jung bakes breads for epicures in the city center of
  • Peakhunter GmbH
    The app for summit strikers Summit registers and hiking maps on the mobile phone: Graphic designer Philipp Ringli from
  • Large Scale 3D Printer
    Large, inexpensive, and fast. Size matters: Flurin Camenzind, an engineer from Zurich Oberland, has developed a 3D printer
  • EOint
    View from Space Data collected by earth observation satellites are freely available: Philip Jörg, Hendrik Wulf, and Reik
  • Ophthorobotics
    Medical Assistant 2.0 Better quality of life and lower costs: Zurich firm Ophthorobotics is building a robot able to
  • activ music GmbH
    Watch, listen and learn Playing piano made easy: Sven Haefliger from Zurich has set up an e-learning platform
  • Swicure
    Elegant Data Protection Ambitious: Yves L. Seganfreddo plans to market his protective sleeves for biometric passports and smart
  • Aipha
    “Even 3D cameras can learn by themselves.”   IT whiz with business sense: Timo Hackel wants to use
  • Kronos
    Digital Supercoach The website of the French engineer Valentin Gallet evaluates the vital signs of cyclists. here were
  • Smart Home Technology
    Saving Power on Standby What the world has been waiting for: Zero standby technology developed by Zurich electrical
  • Skope
    Speeding up the MRI Experience A boost for an existing technology: A revolutionary sensor by ETH spin-off Skope
    Rate Where You Study Grades for professors: With the help of former fellow students, Raphael Tobler is setting
  • Curalix
    "It's always about the patient." Fewer side effects: Molecular biologist Aleksandra Konovalova is working on a new cancer
  • Rino Electronics AG
    Heating with ice New use for old "manure holes": Electrical engineer Remo Ritzmann has developed a control system
  • MoSan
    Faeces as raw material Ideal for disaster areas and urban slums: the installation-free toilet system by industrial designer
  • InfraSniff
    "We are breaking completely new ground". Between quantum electronics and medicine: Justinas Pupeikis wants to use the breathing
  • Synple Chem
    Following the Nespresso Principle Faster and cheaper: Benedikt Wanner and his team are revolutionizing the early stages of
  • Meteomatics GmbH
    Weather drones in high flight Inaccurate weather forecasts cause millions of dollars of damage in affected industries. Martin Fengler
  • EraCal
    Weight Loss Made Easy Fighting obesity: At Harvard, Josua Jordi has discovered active ingredients that influence the eating
  • Avionix
    Flying Safely A mobile assistant for private pilots: Zurich company Avionix is developing hardware to increase the tracking
  • Geotargads
    Close to the consumer Tell me where you are and I will tell you, what you could need: Erik
  • rotavis AG
    Sitting back training Plain bearings instead of spring elements: Winterthur biomechanic Daniel Baumgartner has developed a new type
  • Lunchgate
    Relaunch at Lunchgate A Heart for Guests and Caterers: How Martin Weisskopf is revamping the Internet platform Lunchgate.
  • xifu
    Greetings from Shanghai Measure for measure: Olivier Stamm studies international management, wants to establish himself as a fashion
  • Visitor service for older people
    Loneliness is a social problem. Exchange between the generations: Mario Diener wanted to set up a student visiting
  • Solovivo AG
    Digital Furniture Store Perfection takes time: Rico Castelberg from Graubünden is building an online platform for Swiss furniture
  • Prognolite
    For a Stable High Behind the Counter More profit and less food waste: Simon Michel and Roman Lickel,
  • Pexapark AG
    Learning from Competitors Big data for wind farms: Michael Waldner and his partners are building a benchmark platform
  • CyanoGuard AG
    Hot on the Trail of an Environmental Toxin Beware of hydrogen cyanide: Serafina Weinhold, Benedikt Kirchgaessler, and their
  • Turbo Niki
    “We came up with the idea around a camp fire.”   In the interest of a decentralized power
  • EASE
    For homeowners with an eye on the future: Two scientists with a doctorate from ETH Zurich, Julien Marquant and Boran
  • FungiForest
    Mushrooms for Foodies Bearded hedgehog mushroom, cloud ear fungus, and enokitake: Sophie Stroheker and Vivanne Dubach are planning