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  • Help for rescuers: The chemical sensor from Michael Felber and Sebastian Imstepf measures the flue gas concentration in the blood of fire victims.
  • Perfection takes time: Rico Castelberg from Graubünden is building an online platform for Swiss furniture stores.
  • “For those who value their health.” Cardiac arrhythmia is an early symptom of many diseases: Paul Egan and his team aim to interpret the disturbance patterns.   Reading an electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the standard tasks of a medical doctor. Why do we need CardioAI, Mr Egan? We have extended the diagnostic abilities of... View Article
  • Fighting obesity: At Harvard, Josua Jordi has discovered active ingredients that influence the eating behavior of animals. Now he is coming back to Switzerland.
  • Summit registers and hiking maps on the mobile phone: Graphic designer Philipp Ringli from Appenzell has developed under the name of Peakhunter an app for hikers and mountaineers worldwide.