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  • Trips into the unknown: A young company from St. Gallen offers surprise trips for customers who do not have time for planning and consultation.
  • Christian Koch, soon a graduate with a Master's degree in environmental engineering, wants to market ETH technology world-wide.
  • Inaccurate weather forecasts cause millions of dollars of damage in affected industries. Martin Fengler wants to provide remedy.
  • Bearded hedgehog mushroom, cloud ear fungus, and enokitake: Sophie Stroheker and Vivanne Dubach are planning to cultivate mushrooms and fungi in an urban environment.
  • For homeowners with an eye on the future: Two scientists with a doctorate from ETH Zurich, Julien Marquant and Boran Morvaj, are integrating solar modules, batteries, and smart meters. In Switzerland, suppliers of clean electricity to the national grid are rewarded financially – at least theoretically, for the waiting list for ‘feed-in remuneration at cost’ is long... View Article