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Women are still highly underrepresented in the startup sector with a share of around 20% – looking at science and tech-based startups the share is even 10% female founders.

The reasons for these disparities are complex, but women clearly have to overcome a whole range of obstacles on their way to the top. The underrepresentation of women in the startup scene is not only a societal and systemic issue for gender equality, but also a missed opportunity for the economy.

With different initiatives we aim to alter the narrative about women entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

What do we offer?

  • STARTUP STORIES EVENTS: Listen to entrepreneurial success stories and stories of failure!
  • INSPIRATION: Watch successful entrepreneurs pitching!
  • ASK QUESTIONS: Get involved in Q&A with the speakers about factors of success in business. Receive answers to specific questions about setting up a company in Switzerland.
  • HOW TO START A STARTUP: Get to know background information about where to get startup support (institutions, technology transfer, startup centers, coaching, business prizes, investors etc.).
  • NETWORKING: Connect to interesting people – for example through our Female Founder Community on LinkedIn!
  • VISIBILITY : Showcase successful female founders on the www.female-founders.ch map

Female Founders Map

The Female Founders map provides transparency in the sector and portrays great female role models in the startup ecosystem. Through portraying these role models, we want to inspire women to become entrepreneurs themselves. In the end, we want to significantly increase the number of female founders in Switzerland!


Female Founder Community

We not only want to give more visibility to female founders, but also to strengthen networking among each other. Therefore, we cordially invite you to join our Female Founder Community on LinkedIn!

This LinkedIn group is meant to be a place for inspiration, exchange and support.

Who are we targeting?

Anyone interested in entrepreneurship and women empowerment who are considering starting their own business; especially motivated and ambitious female members of a Swiss university or University of Applied Sciences (students, doctoral students, postdocs, professors etc.).

When and where do the Startup Stories events take place?

The Startup Stories events belong to the “Innosuisse Business Ideas” and are evening events that take place several times during the semester – but at different locations (e.g. ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, ZHAW, University of St. Gallen etc.) and with different speakers and entrepreneurs. So it is worth attending more than one Business Ideas event!

How can I sign up for the Startup Stories events?

You can register on our website at any time, just select the event which you want to join. (Note: If you already have a business idea, you can apply in parallel for the Business Concept course (Module 2).)


If there are any open questions, please contact us:




+41 (0) 58 934 65 00 (Mo-Fr, 9 am – 5 pm)

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Startup Stories - Female Founders
«In my opinion there are way too few women in the start-up ecosystem in Switzerland. I am committed to offer my support to help other women become the best version of themselves.»

Luiza Dobre
Komed Health AG

«I think female role models are essential for hopefully seeing more female founders in the Swiss startup scene soon.»

Dorina Thiess
Piavita AG

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