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From Research to Startup – Advice from founders

How can I transform my scientific idea into a successful startup?

This question was addressed at one of the STARTUP CAMPUS Startup Stories Event with the focus topic “From Research to Startup”. Anna Beltzung, Co-Founder and CTO of dimpora and Gianluca Ambrosetti, Co-Founder and CEO of Synhelion SA shared how they developed scientific ideas into successful startups.


A short take-out:

Anna met her #Co-Founder at ETH Zurich and turned a masters project into a successful #startup called Dimpora.

Her key takeaways?
🚀 Stop your scientific curiosity – but not too much
🚀 You have no idea why a process worked? That’s ok, just quickly try to scale it
🚀 Use ALL the network you have
🚀 Participate in accelerators, funds and programs and invest the minimum amount of time required to make a good job – and know when to stop!
🚀 Most important : Do not go on your journey alone


Gianluca is the CEO and Co-Founder of Synhelion. For Gianluca, building a company is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, he says. “Companies are systems, are living creatures that want to prosper and survive against all odds. Seeing a company grow cannot be described”.


✨Go quick and dirty. Do not spend 15 years in research – try to get the commercial product out as fast as possible to see if it works. And while you’ll be doing the operational work: Never stop dreaming and find your inner fire!✨


Watch the (shortened) recording of the Event now on Youtube.