STARTUP CAMPUS has a highly qualified network of coaches and experts with many years of start-up experience, which is continuously expanding. Take a look at interesting offers and events where our startup coaches are involved and provide young entrepreneurs with helpful tips. Sounds interesting to you? Then get in touch with us and become part of the STARTUP CAMPUS start-up expert community!

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Runway Startup Incubator
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Trainings and events where our coaches are involved and which might be of interest to you

18.03.2019 - 15.04.2019  Zurich

Startup Board Academy

Directors Education Program for Business Angels

Are you or do you want to become a successful startup board member? During 4 afternoons the participants will be sensitized to the risks and challenges of a start-up board of directors – in interactive workshops, presentations, case studies, discussions and a final board due diligence including live pitching. This specialized training program is aimed at interested business angels, board members and investors who would like to learn first-hand practical tips and advice for the successful management of a start-up.

  Technopark Winterthur

RUNWAY Startup Incubator

Accelerate your business

In the RUNWAY Startup Incubator, we offer young entrepreneurs tailor-made coaching, excellent networking and consulting. In addition, Incubatees profit from the physical coworking space and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Technopark Winterthur. Our goal: to accelerate you and your early phase startup within a few months and make you ready to take off.

20.09.2019  Technopark Winterthur

Startup Night Winterthur

More than 1000 participants at the second event in 2018 proved it: Pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship are more present than ever in Winterthur! On Friday, 20. September 2019, the time has come again! Thanks to the third Startup Night, Winterthur will host one of Switzerland’s largest Startup Events.

07.03.2019 - 28.03.2019  Lausanne

Fast Track Sales Academy

EPFL Innovation Park created a short 4 half-day course to get your hands on the tips and tricks to build and manage a fast growing sales organisation that will help you get in the league of the companies that outperform their competition.

Meet the Swiss startup ecosystem

The main goal of the Ecosystem Connect Event which takes place within the context of the Innosuisse start-up training ‘Business Concept’ is to connect participants with investors and representatives of the Swiss startup ecosystem and establish important contacts to enhance their business ideas. Investors and invited organizations of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem see up to 30 exciting new startup ideas and meet motivated aspiring entrepreneurs.

Building startups towards a successful sale

Startups need to build a growth plan and exit path early in their life cycle to unlock the value created and to maximize the chances of their founders and investors making financial returns.

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019  Technopark Zurich

Challenge Room

Challenge your business!

Break through business routines to find creative solutions! Since January 2019, the Technopark Zurich provides a temporary Challenge Room, which start-ups and representatives from SMEs and other companies can reserve for several days to work on their projects or conduct workshops. If required, start-up or industry experts will provide new impulses and initiate creative thinking processes. It is possible to work on own topics and projects, but it is also possible to book specific services for start-ups (free of charge!) and firms.

Our coaches

Josef Walker

Josef Walker

Currently he is head of the department of Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Applied Science, HTW Chur, member of the executive board at the University of Technology and Economics Chur, jury member of the Swiss Technology Award and Vice-President of the Research and Development Commission of the Swissuniversisties, Chamber of Universities of Applied Sciences.

Work experience 15 Years

Startup experience  Years

Experience in private economy

Association of Management Schools Switzerland as a Member of the Executive Board
Member of the Foundation Board of the Innovation, Development and Research Foundation Graubünden
Core trainer and member of Faculty Board at CTI Entrepreneurship
Since 2013
Expert activity: Research at universities of applied sciences at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Since 2015
Vice President of the Commission Research and Development of the Chamber of Universities of Applied Sciences of swissuniversities
Advisory board, Jury Member at for the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative
Since 2010
Jury Member of Swiss Technolgy Award
Since 2007
Director of Department Entrepreneurial Management, Member of the Executive Board at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Chur
Since 2007
Head of Department Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Chur
CTI Start-up as a Start-up Coach

Berufserfahrung Academia

MSc in Chemistry
MSc in Business Administration

Dr. Adrian W. Müller
Lecturer/ Coach

Dr. Adrian W. Müller

Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller is head of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. He teaches strategic foresight, innovation management and entrepreneurship and is the owner of noocleus AG.

Founding experience

Noocleus AG, Founder & Owner
Müller Corporate Clothing, Co-Founder/Owner
Von Rickenbach Solid Wood, Co-Founder
Further start-ups accompanied in founding process, Advisory/Coaching

Experience in private economy

Since 2017
Senior Lecturer for Business Innovation at the ETH Zurich
Since 2014
Director Runway Startup Incubator at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Since 2013
Head of Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur
Since 2013
Start-Up Trainer & Member of the Advisory Board at Startup Campus (
Senior Lecturer/ Project Leader for Foresight & Innovation, Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer for Strategic Management at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Since 2008
Founder of noocleus AG
Lecturer for Strategic Innovation , Design Department at the Zurich University of the Arts
Lecturer for Scientific Work Methods at the University of Zurich
Co-Founder at the Mueller Corporate Clothing
Managment Consultant at the PIT AG, Baar
PIT Management Consulting, Zurich, Consultant for Strategy and Organization
IMG Information Management Group, St.Gallen, Business Researcher

Berufserfahrung Academia

CAS Didactics for Higher Education at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Zurich University of the Arts, Department Design, Lecturer for Strategic Innovation & Design, Founder & Manager Masterprogram Trends
Dr. oec, HSG, Chair for Strategic Management, Institute of Management at the University of St.Gallen
Lic. oec. HSG, Finance and Accounting at the University of St.Gallen

Thomas Schmitt
Lecturer/ Coach

Thomas Schmitt

Currently he is a lecturer of business economics with focus on Coprorate Finance at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and acitv in different administrative boards of middle-class companies.

Experience in private economy

Management of TECHNOPARK® Aargau
Development of TECHNOPARK® Aargau
Financial consultant at companies in stages of turnaround or M&A
Management of a financial-oriented  IT and management consultancy company in Zurich

Berufserfahrung Academia

Business Informatics at the University of Zurich

Dr. Holger Hädrich
Delegate / Project Manager/ Coach

Dr. Holger Hädrich

Currently he is a Delegate of memo st.gallen AG, as well as Co-owner and Division Manager of 1to1mobile.

Founding experience

Co-founder of memo St.Gallen GmbH

Experience in private economy

Divison Manager of integrated feedback products and analytics software (GMC Analytics)
Development and product management of online feedback systems and data analytics
Since 2002
Delegate of memo st. gallen AG
Project Manager Strategy Consulting (employed and freelance)

Berufserfahrung Academia

Dr. oec. University of St.Gallen
Dipl.-Ing. Communications Engineering (TU Berlin)

Dr. Stephan Hess
Lecturer/ Strategy & Process Consultant / Product Manager/ Coach

Dr. Stephan Hess

He is founder and current CEO of Swiss Technology Broker and business partner of streamwise data analytics.

Work experience 27 Years

Startup experience  Years

Founding experience

Founder and CEO of Swiss Technology Brokers GmbH

Experience in private economy

Alstom Power Service: VP Product Management (Power Plant Services)
Vice President R&D Execution at Alstom Power
Alstom Power: VP Research and Development  (Energy Technology)
Accenture: Energy Strategy& Process Consultant (Consultancy)
ABB Power & Turbo Systems: Various Positions in R&D / Technology / Product Organisation
Board Member of Technopark Aargau and other public/private boards e.g. Chairman of Power Gen Europe or Alstom Technology Ltd., Founder / co-founder / board member of several start-ups
Lecturer at various Universities as Juventus/ETHZ/ HSG/ TU-Erlangen CTI-Entrepreneurship and Researcher with various publications on Open Innovation or Technology Transfer with start-ups

Berufserfahrung Academia

PhD in Technology and Innovation Management (ETH Zurich)
Graduate engineer

Dr. Aron Braun
Entrepreneur/ Business Angel/ Coach

Dr. Aron Braun

He is on the board of directors at Prismond Group AG and Discendo AG, works as a lecturer at the Univerity of Applied Science in Bern, as a Business Angel for diffrent companies, and as an entrepreneur.

Work experience 24 Years

Startup experience 20 Years

Founding experience

•    Co-founder of four companies
•    Support of six Start-ups
•    Start-up Coach at TEK, Venture, seif, KTI, bbcw, Startup Weekend

Experience in private economy

Since 2010
Arpega AG, Zürich: Founder & CEO
Phorms Education
Phorms Management AG, Berlin
Catenion Group, Berlin
Epigenomics AG
Epigenomics AG, Berlin
Philips Semiconductors AG
Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur
Philips Semiconductors/ ST Microelectronics

Berufserfahrung Academia

Since 2011
Berne University of Applied Sciences
ETH Zürich / Imperial College London

Pascal O. Stocker
Lecturer/ Coach

Pascal O. Stocker

He is currently the CEO of Stocker Unternehmensentwicklung AG, chairman and holder at Wyrsch Unternehmerschule AG and lecturer at different business schools as HTW Chur, HWZ Zurich, SIB Zurich and SGO Opfikon.



Work experience 17 Years

Startup experience  Years

Founding experience

•    Stocker Unternehmensentwicklung AG
•    Founder of five startups

Experience in private economy

Since 2017
Member of the board of directors at NovaVolt
Since 2017
Member of the board of directors at Pandally AG
Since 2017
Member of the board of directors at Korporation Freienbach
Since 2012
Co-initiator and member of KKU Spezialisten
Since 2011
Managing Director and Owner of Stocker Unternehmensentwicklung AG
Since 2008
Wyrsch Unternehmerschule AG, Chairman and holder
Since 2007
Lecturer at the HTW Chur
Since 2007
Associate at huser treuhand + partner GmbH
Since 2004
Trainer and cunsultant at the SIB Swiss instiution for business economics
Since 2003
Head of Entrepreneurship Department at the HWZ Zurich School of Economics
Since 2001
Stocker Unternehmensentwicklung AG, CEO, holder, trainer
Since 2001
Owner of Periscope AG
Unilever, Senior Key Account Manager, Brand Manager, Category Management Xerox: Controller
Kuoni: Project Manager Corporate Development, Project Manager and trainer

Berufserfahrung Academia

Business Economist (FH)
MAS Corporate Finance

Dr. Kamran Houshang Pour
Patent Expert/ Coach

Dr. Kamran Houshang Pour

His specialty is intellectual property. At present he is a patent expert and IP-trainer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Experience in private economy

Since 2008
Patent Expert and IP Trainer at Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Research Associate at EPFL
Trainee on management of quality at Ettcon
Product Engineer at Nortel Networks

Berufserfahrung Academia

PhD, Physics at the EPFL Lausanne
Graduate Physicist at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Bachelor of Science, Physics at the University of Teheran
Este'dadhaye derakhshan High School

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