Incubation & Coworking

Young startups need space to grow, try out ideas and enjoy sharing experiences with other startups. All this you will find in our coworking and incubation services. Modern equipment, easy to reach locations, attractive prices and an atmosphere that encourages you to top performance and boosts your start-up business.

Business Creation for Social Entrepreneurs
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01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019  Technopark Zurich

Challenge Room

Create your own challenge!

Are you ready for 1 week of high-intensity work on a self-defined challenge to get your startup even faster? If so, apply today for free to get your startup forward in the shortest possible time!

  Technopark Winterthur


Startup Co-Working Space in the Winterthur Region

Fixed workplaces are being replaced by mobile work on the move, at home and flexible shared offices: so-called coworking spaces. In 2017, Technopark Winterthur opened the WORKERIA, a 200 m2 coworking space that inspires and motivates.


  Technopark Winterthur

RUNWAY Startup Incubator

Accelerate your business

In the RUNWAY Startup Incubator, we offer young entrepreneurs tailor-made coaching, excellent networking and consulting. In addition, Incubatees profit from the physical coworking space and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Technopark Winterthur. Our goal: to accelerate you and your early phase startup within a few months and make you ready to take off.

In Dübendorf, the glatec support association operates a “Business Incubator” to facilitate and support business start-ups and innovation processes in the fields of materials sciences, environmental sciences and technology.

  Toni Areal Zürich


The Z-Kubator supports ZHdK staff and students who want to contribute to the cultural and creative economies with independent projects, be it non-commercial cultural and design projects or with Startups.

Think inside the box

InCube is an international competition, where students live for four days in a glass cube. They need to define the problem they want to tackle, ideate for solutions and create a prototype. At the final the different teams compete in a pitch battle in front of a live audience and jury.