Business Ideas
Module 1

Feel the Start-up Groove
Start date
03. November 2021
Deadline 02. November 2021
Event date
12:00 - 13:15

The entrepreneurial mindset in uncertain times
The principles of Effectuation

What do great entrepreneurs have in common? It’s not necessarily their genes,  personality traits or money – but rather
how decisions are being taken. 

Research has found that many successful entrepreneurs across industries, geographies, and time use a common logic to solve problems: The Effectuation method. And this entrepreneurial mindset can be learned! Instead of predicting the future, effectuation teaches to build sufficient conditions for success, given whatever conditions you already have. It’s the act of bringing things to action – making things happen.

At our next Startup Campus event, we have Eva Pauline Bossow as a guest, managing director of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economics at the ZHdK and an expert of the Effectuation theory, who will teach us the main principles of the methodology in an interactive workshop. Furthermore, we will hear from Mona Mijthab, founder of Mosan, how she as an entrepreneur uses these principles in her daily life and how she makes important decisions for her startup.




About Eva Pauline Bossow

Eva Pauline Bossow is managing director of the Zurich Center for Creative Economies at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), advisory board member, coach and workshop leader. In previous positions she was responsible for marketing at the IT group adesso, the e-health startup MediOne, as well as communications at the Zentrum Paul Klee art museum in Bern. Eva’s passion is the exciting area of interaction between art, culture, innovation and economy. She’s not only an expert in the Effectuation theory, but also promotes young entrepreneurs in the creative industry, organises workshops, and gives guest talks where she tells of her own experiences as a startup. She has a master’s in business administration as well as in communication sciences.

About Mona Mijthab

Mona is a social entrepreneur, international speaker and designer with a passion for circular product and service design and social innovation. Mona is the founder of Mosan, a social enterprise that improves lives in low-income communities with access to safe and modern sanitation. Mosan currently offers its services in Mayan communities in Guatemala. Her background in industrial design allows her to find unconventional solutions to complex issues. She enjoys working closely with people, combining creativity and strategic design with social and cultural expertise.

Course duration
12.00 - 13.15
Course program
Start date
03. November 2021
Deadline 02. November 2021
Event date
12:00 - 13:15
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«I think female role models are essential for hopefully seeing more female founders in the Swiss startup scene soon.»

Dorina Thiess
Piavita AG

«In my opinion there are way too few women in the start-up ecosystem in Switzerland. I am committed to offer my support to help other women become the best version of themselves.»

Luiza Dobre
Komed Health AG

«Besides inspiring keynotes and information about support offerings from Innosuisse, the Business Ideas Events are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and those interested in setting up an own company.»

Ramona Lieser
Runway Startup Incubator