Business Ideas
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Feel the Start-up Groove
Start date
10. November 2020
Deadline 09. November 2020
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Exklusive LinkedIn Workshop

Social Selling is an important tool to interact directly with prospective clients. This can happen on any social media platform, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any other – you just have to make sure you know where your audience is. By interacting with your customers on Social Media, you are not only generating leads but you are building a genuine connection with (an enlarged) audience and you can stay in touch with your customers even post-purchase. Ideally, this generates brand advocates – meaning people that speak about you or your business in a favorable way.

This not only applies to a business but also to your personal brand. Especially for young businesses that do not have the power to invest in large marketing campaigns, Social Selling can be an effective and cost-efficient way to reach your target audience. 


Sounds interesting? Then join us for an exclusive workshop with the author of “Let’s link” Flurin Capaul!

Workshop Lead
Flurin Capaul

Workshop by Flurin Capaul – “I know, I saw it on your LinkedIn” once Flurin heard this reply to an anecdote he was sharing with a business acquaintance, he knew LinkedIn works. He’s used LinkedIn to build his own startup and has written a book “Let’s Link” to share his experience with other entrepreneurs. He will host an interactive online workshop, where you learn how to update your Linkedin profile to the next level and learn how to use Linkedin as a networking tool.

Keynote Speaker
Melanie Kovacs

Keynote speech by Melanie Kovacs, Founder of Master21 Academy & the Podcast “Joyful Learning” will tell about her experiences on Linkedin. 

Melanie Kovacs is a creative entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host of “Joyful Learning” and Forbes “Under-30”-Listmaker 2018. After selling her first company Master21, she now supports aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their side hustle into a profitable and joyful business. 

Course program
Start date
10. November 2020
Deadline 09. November 2020
Event date
Free of charge (registration is mandatory)

c/o ZHAW School of Management and Law
Theaterstrasse 17
CH-8401 Winterthur
+41 58 934 65 00


«Besides inspiring keynotes and information about support offerings from Innosuisse, the Business Ideas Events are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and those interested in setting up an own company.»

Ramona Lieser
Runway Startup Incubator

«In my opinion there are way too few women in the start-up ecosystem in Switzerland. I am committed to offer my support to help other women become the best version of themselves.»

Luiza Dobre
Komed Health AG

«I think female role models are essential for hopefully seeing more female founders in the Swiss startup scene soon.»

Dorina Thiess
Piavita AG