Events & Awards

Networking is the A and O in the startup world. We organize interesting events, awards and conferences for entrepreneurs, startups, coaches, but also for investors and business angels throughout the whole year.


In the startup world we hear too often only about the successes. Therefore, in the FuckUp Night all the mistakes, the FuckUps, will be thematized for a change and the gained insights will be pronounced loudly.

Innovative Startups meet Industry

The Energy and Cleantech Startup day is a yearly event connecting ground-breaking startups to incumbent companies, public institutions and new actors to foster relationships and collaboration.

19.03.2019  Technopark Winterthur

Ready 2 start up?

Are you ready 2 start up?

Could you imagine starting your own business one day, but you still don’t know exactly how or still need a brilliant idea or the right team? At the Ready2startup Event you will meet like-minded people, interesting startups and discover the opportunities and offers for starting your own startup.

More than 800 participants at the first event in 2017 proved it: Pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship are more present than ever in Winterthur! On Friday, 5 October 2018, the time has come again! Thanks to the second Startup Night, Winterthur will host one of Switzerland’s largest Startup Events.

Meet the Swiss startup ecosystem

The main goal of the Ecosystem Connect Event which takes place within the context of the Innosuisse start-up training ‘Business Concept’ is to connect participants with investors and representatives of the Swiss startup ecosystem and establish important contacts to enhance their business ideas. Investors and invited organizations of the Swiss Startup Ecosystem see up to 30 exciting new startup ideas and meet motivated aspiring entrepreneurs.


Dream Big

The ETH Entrepreneur’s Club rewards the best startup ideas and concepts. Requirements: Early Stage, Not Funded, Innovative

Impact & systematic change

Social entrepreneurs are an important part of the startup ecosystem. The seif Awards for Social Entrepreneurship honors entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas who try to solve current social and/or ecological challenges with their business. The seif Award for Social Entrepreneurship is the first and one of the largest startup competitions in the German-speaking European region.

Startup idea competition

The Young Entrepreneur Award for ideas and concepts with high development potential is awarded by the St. Galler Kantonalbank to an eastern Swiss start-up each year.

Your Chance for up to $25,000!

Update Challenge 2018 Roman Züsli and Filippo Giovannetti won the ZHAW Startup Challenge 2018 with their start-up idea

Big ideas start small

Founded in 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland has quickly become a leading driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe by connecting startups with the experts and resources they need to grow.

Companies for tomorrow

“venture” is an initiative of ETH Zurich, McKinsey & Company Switzerland, Knecht Holding, the innovation promotion agency Innosuisse and the EPFL. The leading Swiss start-up competition supports young entrepreneurs in setting up their own businesses.

07.05.2019  Technopark Zürich

ZKB Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award rewards a technical project on the verge of market launch that stands out due to its high level of innovation, proximity to the market and social relevance. It acknowledges the engagement and the risk-taking attitude of the startup and is presented by the Zürcher Kantonalbank and Technopark Zurich.