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  • May 25, 2021

    Winners of the Business Concept Course 2021

    Today marks the end of the 12 weeks Innosuisse Business Concept Course!   This 12 weeks course supports motivated and ambitious students as well as staff and faculty members of Swiss Universities and Universities of applied sciences to develop an idea into a promising business concept.   Back in February 2021, we started with more than 170 highly motivated and ambitious participants. Out of +80 business ideas, 30 were chosen to be worked on during the course. With the help of ...

  • December 6, 2020

    Launch of

    Women are still highly underrepresented in the startup sector with a share of around 20% – looking at science and tech-based startups the share is even lower with only 10% female founders. The reasons for these disparities are complex, but women clearly have to overcome a whole range of obstacles on their way to the top. The underrepresentation of women in the startup scene is not only a societal and systemic issue for gender equality, but also a missed opportunity ...

  • February 6, 2020

    Join us as part-time full-stack developer (f/m) with programming experiences in Podio!

    Apply now!   We are looking for a full-stack developer (f/m) with experience in Podio and Globiflow applications for our learning management system, who will work in cooperation with our course management.   Project background: The ZHAW School of Management and Law is the leading house of STARTUP CAMPUS ( and runs diverse trainings and events for start-ups. The existing learning management and event management system has been implemented in podio apps with globiflow workflow automation (e.g. registration, selection, admission, ...

  • May 27, 2019

    Fantastic Final of the Business Concept Spring Courses 2019

    On Wednesday, 22nd of May 2019, the final Pitches and the Ecosystem Connect Event of this year's spring season of the Business Concept Innosuisse Start-up Training took place at ETH Main Hall. With around 85 participants and 19 ecosystem partners, the event was a fantastic completion of this 12-weeks semester course. Out of 22 promising startup ideas the best project from each cohort was awarded with the STARTUP CAMPUS Award - Congratulations again to livon, M-Therapeutics, SpectroLEAP and 2D Boron ...

  • April 24, 2019

    Brand new creative space in the Technopark Zurich – open to all startups & FREE OF CHARGE

    A great opportunity to work on creative solutions for your business challenges: Use the brand new STARTUP CAMPUS "Challenge Room" located in the Technopark Zurich for brainstorming meetings, team building exercises, strategy meetings, product design concepts and much more! By request, start-up coaches and industry experts are provided free of charge giving you new impulses for creative thinking processes and coaching for your business development. Why should you go in the Challenge Room? The answer is simple: Get out of ...

  • September 26, 2017

    Liability cases can be fatal for Startup founders

    Companies are facing growing claims in liability cases - this increases the risk of existential threats to Startup founders from claims to damages. A partner post by Zurich Insurance   All kinds of risk types It is not just product defects that can lead to liability claims. Companies can also be faced with liability claims on account of operating processes or defects in buildings and systems, for example if a falling tile damages the car of a visitor. It can ...

  • July 24, 2017

    Founding a company: Ensuring stress does not get out of hand

    Partner Post -  Zurich Insurance Company founders work a lot, need to get to grips with lots of new topics and have to master thousands of unknown situations: This can all be very exciting! But what if there's too much excitement and too much stress?  When setting up a company, everything is new and fascinating: You experience pride and pleasure when you gain a new customer or make your first delivery. However, there will also be lots of things that ...

  • July 20, 2017

    5 Ways to Build a $100 Million Business

    There are five ways for your startup to build a $ 100 million business. Salespeople know that the marketing jungle is not just about "hunting" the right "animals", but also knowing how to attract them. How can you hunt 1,000 elephants, 10,000 deer, 100,000 rabbits, 1,000,000 mice or 10,000,000 flies? The infographics helps you to review your business model and focus and recognize what needs to be done to steer your startup towards success. Source:

  • June 27, 2016

    Amphiro – Save a Polar Bear

    Amphiro has created an application enabling you to save a polar bear with your daily shower. The device, which can be attached to all commercially available shower heads, has a display showing a polar bear on an ice floe: The more hot water you use while showering, the smaller the floe becomes. The startup not only has a great product design, it also motivates consumers to use energy more wisely. Read on to find out how this startup developed the ...

  • June 27, 2016

    John Baker – No Ordinary Bakery

    Bread Delivery per Elektroveloexpress

      John Baker, the startup founded by alumnus Jens Jung uses the slogan "cut the crap" to signal that the company wants to do the things that other people only talk about, without concessions. His goal is to bake the best bread, operate a flourishing baker's shop for everyone, with high standards concerning sustainability - and everything hip and modern. We take a look behind the scenes of a not-at-all ordinary bakery and find out what is behind the 'John ...

  • May 4, 2016

    CROWD – enabling to plan your leisure activities easily

    CROWD is an app that enables users to plan their leisure activities without having to switch between Messenger, Google Map, party apps, or calendars. In no time at all, and without any trouble, you can use CROWD to stay up to date on the events and activities of your city, share this information with your friends, create polls, and make plans as a group. This process is completely private and uncomplicated. And thanks to an intuitive user interface, no words ...

  • October 15, 2015

    The Lean Startup – Doing Away with the Myth of the Business Plan

    Business founders have to first of all write a business plan. With "The Lean Startup", Eric Ries debunks this common myth. In reality, business plans rarely survive first contact with the customers. As boxing champion Mike Tyson once said, quite fittingly: "Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth." In his philosophy, Eric Ries advocates the "proof of market". He recommends testing products and ideas as early as possible, before a lot of money and resources have ...

  • May 21, 2015

    Startup Campus Connect

    Young entrepreneurs meet the Swiss startup ecosystem On Monday, 11th May 2015, STARTUP CAMPUS CONNECT, an event designed for young prospective entrepreneurs took place at the ETH’s Dozentenfoyer. After a thought provoking keynote presentation from Prof. Dr. Roman Boutellier, a noted specialist in innovation risks and opportunities, startuppers from ETH Zürich, the University of Zurich and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and representatives of the Swiss startup ecosystem enjoyed the beautiful view over Zurich, exchanged ideas in an informal ...