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Book Review: “The ART of the START 2.0”

Many years ago I watched an inspiring video by Guy Kawasaki – “the Art of Pitching”. And most of the Do’s and Don’ts he brought up are still true and fun. I loved the way Guy was giving his message: concise, clear, at eye level with the entrepreneur’s world and with plenty of humor.

It’s a great read about Conception, Activation and Proliferation when you are in the process of learning and in parallel executing the art of building a startup. Guy gives a great introduction for Starting Up and helps you with incredibly practical hints for Launching, Leading, Bootstrapping, Fund-raising and – of course – Pitching. He emphasises that these are the key activities for the activation of a startup and you get priceless advice on so many little things and questions that come up again and again in early stage ventures. In chapter three, he unveils the secrets of proliferation: Building a Team, Evangelizing, Socializing, Rainmaking, Partnering, and Enduring. He guides your way in a fun and easy manner, so that you are prepared to not be surprised by innovation, unlike J. Gutenberg, who on October 3, 1493, reported “Finally finished invention. Disappointed to find that no one can read”.

In his last chapter, however, Guy claims that there is also an obligation for entrepreneurs. He calls it “The Art of being a Mensch” and he argues that “right is right and wrong is wrong”. He calls entrepreneurs to simply follow a few rules: help people who cannot reciprocate, and don’t care if the recipient is poor or powerless, help without the expectation of return and help many people. Do what’s right because a Mensch does not the easy thing, the expedient thing, the money-saving thing, the I-can-get-away-with-it thing. And repay society because you are blessed. These blessings come with the obligation to repay society because you owe to society.

A great team that do most things right are the founders of Frontify. They found a service that answers simple questions, they found their sweet spot at the interface of expertise, passion and opportunity, they found soul mates and they made meaning.

Jacques Hefti

Co-Director Startup Campus