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Amphiro – Save a Polar Bear

Amphiro has created an application enabling you to save a polar bear with your daily shower. The device, which can be attached to all commercially available shower heads, has a display showing a polar bear on an ice floe: The more hot water you use while showering, the smaller the floe becomes. The startup not only has a great product design, it also motivates consumers to use energy more wisely. Read on to find out how this startup developed the product and how it sees its brand. We spoke with Thomas Stiefmeier, the founder and CEO of Amphiro.


What is your background? How did you come up with this idea?
The founders of Amphiro are engineers. While thinking about energy efficiency, we discovered that many projects and measures focus on electricity (e.g., LEDs) and that the issue of hot water, which uses up a large share of the energy budget of a household, has not been given much attention. We decided to change this.


What do you want to achieve with your startup? What motivates you?
With our products, we would like to help consumers save large quantities of energy in the form of hot water, and do so in a lighthearted manner. What is great, and also highly motivating, is that our solution with its broad applicability makes a real contribution towards a more sustainable use of two valuable resources, energy and water.


How much time do you spend on your idea? Do you work full-time or part-time? How do you deal with your heavy workload?
As managing director, I work full-time. We have already been able to acquire a team of 10 people of whom some are students working part-time.


Where do you plan to be in three years?
In the medium term, we plan to develop our products and additional services further to position us more firmly in the lifestyle sector. Our apps, and linking our products, will play a decisive role.


Why should someone invest in your startup?
Better insulated buildings also have a positive effect on the energy efficiency of heating systems. On the other hand, hot water processing has become the greatest consumer of energy in new buildings. Amphiro is the first company to have tapped into the need for energy efficiency concerning hot water, exploiting an enormous saving potential, as several studies have already been able to prove.


What did you take into account in developing your logo, and how did you design your logo?
We wanted a name that is linked to water. According to Greek mythology, Amphiro is an Oceanid (water nymph), which seemed a very appropriate solution to us. The first letter should also not be underestimated in choosing a suitable name, for instance in the context of lists of companies sorted alphabetically. To get an aesthetically pleasing design, we consulted a Swiss design agency.


How important is your brand personality and why?
As part of our ongoing product launch (amphiro b1 connected), we have also completely redesigned our website and the apps. We are now in the process of establishing Amphiro as an independent brand. The polar bear image we use in connection with our products is especially useful because it creates high brand recognition and is already associated with topics like sustainability and the environment.



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