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STARTUP CAMPUS offers a wide range of startup activities for aspiring entrepreneurs and established startups, startup coaches, investors, and business angels. STARTUP CAMPUS brings together the threads of various startup activities: Innosuisse Start-up Trainings, individual startup coachings, coworking spaces, startup incubators, exciting startup events, awards as well as professional conferences on current entrepreneurial topics.

All these offers are only possible thanks to the strong strength of the consortium behind STARTUP CAMPUS. The consortium consists of universities, colleges, and techno- and innovation parks in the Zurich - Eastern Switzerland region. STARTUP CAMPUS is co-led by the ZHAW School of Management and Law and the Technopark Zurich.

This is the STARTUP CAMPUS team

Jacques Hefti
Matthias Hölling
Ben Graziano
Lead-Trainer STARTUP CAMPUS Trainings
Anna-Katharina Kilp
Course Manager Zurich & Winterthur (Business Concept)
Sarah Linder
Course Manager Zurich (Business Creation & Business Growth)
Lorenz Ineichen
Course Manager St. Gallen
Vanessa Burningham
Course Manager Lausanne
Beata Gruschka
Ramona Lieser
Nicolas Schneider
Marketing & Communication
Anna-Maria Strässner
Marketing & Communication

Some facts

Our coaches and experts

Matthias Filser

Business Model Development, Startup Coaching & Training, Business Acceleration

Work experience 12 Years

Startup experience >10 Years

Experience in private economy

2019 - Today
Head, Center for Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Management and Law
2019 - Today
Expert Coach at Runway Startup Incubator
2019 - Today
Jury Expert at Startup Campus Consortium
2019 - Today
Advisor & Jury Expert for EdTech and Learning at Kickstart Innovation
2017 - Today
Co-Founder of Panacea Ventures GmbH, Germany
2007 - 2009
Project Manager, Hagen Management GmbH, Austria

Berufserfahrung Academia

2014, 2016
European Entrepreneurship Colloquium, Vlerick Business School and Harvard Business School
2010 - 2013
PhD Entrepreneurship, University of Liechtenstein
2008 - 2010
M. Sc. Entrepreneurship, University of Liechtenstein

Anil Sethi
Trainer/ Serial Entrepreneur

Anil Sethi

Author (From Science to Startup), Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ETH Zurich

Work experience 15 Years

Startup experience 15 Years

Experience in private economy

2016 - Today
Entrepreneur in residence and lecturer at ETH Zürich
2018 - Today
Coach at Startup Campus, Zürich
2018 - Today
Chief trainer at Venture Kick, Zürich
2015 - Today
Co-Founder and advisor at Scrona AG, Zürich
2019 - Today
Co-Founder und Chairman of the board at Instaheat AG, Zürich
2006 - 2012
Founder, CEO and CFO at Flisom AG, Zürich

Berufserfahrung Academia

1998 - 2000
MBA, London Business School, UK
1991 - 1994
Master-equivalent chartered accountant, India
1989 - 1991
Master-equivalent cost and works accountant, India
1986 - 1989
Bachelor in Commerce and Ecomonics, India

Josef Walker

Josef Walker

Currently he is head of the department of Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Applied Science, HTW Chur, member of the executive board at the University of Technology and Economics Chur, jury member of the Swiss Technology Award and Vice-President of the Research and Development Commission of the Swissuniversisties, Chamber of Universities of Applied Sciences.

Work experience 15 Years

Startup experience  Years

Experience in private economy

Association of Management Schools Switzerland as a Member of the Executive Board
Member of the Foundation Board of the Innovation, Development and Research Foundation Graubünden
Core trainer and member of Faculty Board at CTI Entrepreneurship
Since 2013
Expert activity: Research at universities of applied sciences at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Since 2015
Vice President of the Commission Research and Development of the Chamber of Universities of Applied Sciences of swissuniversities
Advisory board, Jury Member at for the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative
Since 2010
Jury Member of Swiss Technolgy Award
Since 2007
Director of Department Entrepreneurial Management, Member of the Executive Board at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Chur
Since 2007
Head of Department Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Applied Sciences, HTW Chur
CTI Start-up as a Start-up Coach

Berufserfahrung Academia

MSc in Chemistry
MSc in Business Administration

Dr. Adrian W. Müller
Lecturer/ Coach

Dr. Adrian W. Müller

Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller is head of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. He teaches strategic foresight, innovation management and entrepreneurship and is the owner of noocleus AG.

Founding experience

Noocleus AG, Founder & Owner
Müller Corporate Clothing, Co-Founder/Owner
Von Rickenbach Solid Wood, Co-Founder
Further start-ups accompanied in founding process, Advisory/Coaching

Experience in private economy

Since 2017
Senior Lecturer for Business Innovation at the ETH Zurich
Since 2014
Director Runway Startup Incubator at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Since 2013
Head of Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur
Since 2013
Start-Up Trainer & Member of the Advisory Board at Startup Campus (www.startup-campus.ch)
Senior Lecturer/ Project Leader for Foresight & Innovation, Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer for Strategic Management at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Since 2008
Founder of noocleus AG
Lecturer for Strategic Innovation , Design Department at the Zurich University of the Arts
Lecturer for Scientific Work Methods at the University of Zurich
Co-Founder at the Mueller Corporate Clothing
Managment Consultant at the PIT AG, Baar
PIT Management Consulting, Zurich, Consultant for Strategy and Organization
IMG Information Management Group, St.Gallen, Business Researcher

Berufserfahrung Academia

CAS Didactics for Higher Education at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Zurich University of the Arts, Department Design, Lecturer for Strategic Innovation & Design, Founder & Manager Masterprogram Trends
Dr. oec, HSG, Chair for Strategic Management, Institute of Management at the University of St.Gallen
Lic. oec. HSG, Finance and Accounting at the University of St.Gallen

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The following institutions support the Innosuisse Start-up Training programme


Anna-Katharina Kilp (Course Manager)
email: info@startup-campus.ch
phone: +41 58 934 65 00
8400 Winterthur