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Dr. Ben Graziano, Social Entrepreneur and CTI Entrepreneurship Startup Trainer

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What successful startups say about us

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    «The coaches were awesome: top people, which proved themselves in life.»

    Tarun Mehra , Financial Risk Management

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    «Most I benefited from the exchange of experiences and feedback from the other participants and especially from the coaches.»

    Jvo Siegrist , Beneficial Bacteria

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    «The course gave me valuable insight into the Swiss innovation landscape.»

    Sven Hobbie , Juvabis

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From the blog

Cleantech Startup LEDCity Finds a Niche in Cities

Lights on: Here comes LEDCity! LEDCity produces lighting tubes which, in contrast to conventional tubes, are equipped with an intelligent control system and therefore only light up if light is actually needed. The aim is to reduce energy consumption in the public lighting sector by an average of 12%, thus contributing to sustainable and efficient development. Pilot projects with their partner, ewz, have shown that the use of automated LEDCity lighting tubes in pedestrian tunnels can save 89% in electricity.… Read more

yamo – enjoyment for the little ones, joy for the grown-ups

Yamo wants to shake up the baby food market. A startup company in Central Switzerland has developed a novel approach and is developing the freshest organic baby food in Europe. Conventional baby food is heat-sterilized and, in an unchilled state, has a shelf life of 1.5 years, during which it loses its color, flavor, and all valuable nutrients. Using new technology, yamo manages to prolong the sell-by date of baby food for several weeks. During that time, it stays as fresh as… Read more

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