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Dr. Ben Graziano, Social Entrepreneur and CTI Entrepreneurship Startup Trainer

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    «I’ve learned a lot in the course, especially about financial planning and customer segmentation.»

    Benedikt Wanner , Synple Chem

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    «Before taking the course, I only had a product. Now I also have a business strategy.»

    Valentin Gallet , Kronos

  • Photo Gallet_quote

    «“Before taking the course, I only had a product. Now I also have a business strategy.”»

    Valentin Gallet , Kronos

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Founding a company: Ensuring stress does not get out of hand

Partner Post -  Zurich Insurance Company founders work a lot, need to get to grips with lots of new topics and have to master thousands of unknown situations: This can all be very exciting! But what if there's too much excitement and too much stress?  When setting up a company, everything is new and fascinating: You experience pride and pleasure when you gain a new customer or make your first delivery. However, there will also be lots of things that… Read more

5 Ways to Build a $100 Million Business

There are five ways for your startup to build a $ 100 million business. Salespeople know that the marketing jungle is not just about "hunting" the right "animals", but also knowing how to attract them. How can you hunt 1,000 elephants, 10,000 deer, 100,000 rabbits, 1,000,000 mice or 10,000,000 flies? The infographics helps you to review your business model and focus and recognize what needs to be done to steer your startup towards success. Source: more

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